This page allows you to place your milk and juice order with Moonya Farm Dairy via the Internet.

To guarantee next day delivery, your order must be received by 3:00pm on the previous day (for Monday deliveries, orders must be received by 3:00pm on the previous Friday)

When you click on the Start button below, you'll be directed to a form that accepts your customer details and delivery instructions. When you click on Next on that page, you will be presented with the first of a series of forms that display our most commonly requested products. Please enter the number of units you require for each product, unless prompted for carton quantities (UHT flavoured milk and small juice products only). If you would like to order full crates, please enter the number units you require, based on the number of units per crate (as shown in brackets for each item).

For example, to order two crates of 2L bottles, please enter 18 units (i.e. 9 per crate)

Leaving a field blank will result in a zero order for that product.

At the end of each page, please click on Back or Next as required.

On the final form, immediately before submitting your order, you have an opportunity to add any extra products you may wish to order in a free text field.

When you submit your order, your order will be displayed on screen. You may choose to print this as your record of the order. You will also receive an acknowledgement email sent to the address supplied on the order.

Thanks for your patronage
Moonya Farm Dairy